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Night Thieves

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★ Night Thieves ★ is a remake of a classic handheld electronic game console "Elektronika IM-02" (Wolf catches Eggs). It was produced in Russia early 90's, and had a huge popularity at that time. The principle of the game is simple: you control a window cage, and you must prevent thieves to get inside a house. FEATURES:
★ Amazing feeling of the original retro gameplay like never before!!! ★ Precise game logic emulation in Game 1 and Game 2 mode ★ Different realistic game console colors to select at your taste! ★ Game 1, Game 2, Time, Game reset, Clock Alarm! ★ It can work as a Watch just like the original game did! ★ Increasing of gameplay speed is measured in high detail and being built inside this game, it is as close as possible to the original Elektronika device!!!